Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Attachment HA860


Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Attachment HA860

Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Attachment HA860

The Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Attachment HA860 is a pole hedge trimmer attachment for combi products. Designed for use with Husqvarna’s versatile combination trimmers, these hedge trimmer attachments offer the cutting power required for quick and efficient hedgerow maintenance.

With Husqvarna you can work your whole garden with just one machine. With a wide range of attachments available the Husqvarna Combi system is a versatile way to complete garden tasks such as grass trimming, lawn edging, hedge trimming, tree pruning, sweeping and even tilling between to plants in the borders.

Combi Machines

A range of applications can be made using one engine unit making this an extremely flexible tool.

Husqvarna combi trimmers are the perfect choice if you want to have a truly smart and versatile work tool. You will only have to start and warm up one machine – then you are able to quickly and easily switch between many attachments to deal with all kinds of tasks – all year round. So you can choose from a wide range of attachments to turn your combi machine into a trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw, tiller or sweeper. Also a combi machine also means less space needed for storage as well as less time and money for maintenance and service.

By choosing a combi machine you can explore our wide range of attachments to create a machine that best suits your needs. Each attachment offers a quick connection and durable design. Also sufficient power to trim dense grass, cut vigorous bushes, blow or sweep huge piles of leaves and clear debris.

This machine is ideal for applications including :

  • All round garden maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Bushes and trees
  • Hard surfaces and soil
  • Grass

Safety Equipment

Finally, Glan Thomas Ltd recommends that all users wear the appropriate safety gear. So please also come into our store in Tremain and browse our safety equipment section. Look for items suitable for use with this product such as our safety helmets and boots and gloves.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is equipment that will protect the user against health or safety risks at work. This includes items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, also safety footwear and safety harnesses.