Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw

£24.00 £21.99

The Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw is battery run with a pull cord and makes very realistic machine sounds. It also has a moving plastic chain.  This is a fun toy and makes a great present for any child over the age of 3.

Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw

The Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw is a great toy with 2 sound effects and an on/off switch and moving chain!  There is the sound of a running chainsaw when one trigger pressed and the sound of cutting chainsaw and the chain (which is plastic) moves round when next trigger pressed.

This great toy offers great opportunities for imaginative play it is, however, not suitable for children under 3.

All the toys are made in the classic Husqvarna orange and grey colours. This is a safe product with no cutting capacity.

Husqvarna makes a range of fun garden toys such as the Husqvarna Toy Hedge Trimmer or the Husqvarna Toy Weed Trimmer/ Strimmer

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Uses 3 LR6 or AA Batteries 1.5V. (included)

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